Nonprofits leaders like you face a number of common challenges that get in the way of carrying out your mission. 

I have spent over two decades in the nonprofit space as an Executive Director, board member, and volunteer. During that time, I have found that nonprofits face challenges that generally fall into these three buckets:

  • Fundraising strategy and tools. With rare exceptions, raising the funds we need to operate successfully is a constant challenge. Nonprofits can achieve better success by doing two things. The first is to have a well-thought-out strategy for how you will generate the resources you need to succeed. Different fundraising methods are going to work better for some organizations than others; the trick is to select a small number of strategies that will work for you, and get really good at executing them. The second is to invest in the right tools and processes to manage your valuable donor information and fundraising activities.
  • Board leadership and governance. High-functioning boards function as fundraisers, staff supporters, catalysts, idea-generators, and removers of roadblocks. Poorly performing boards are a drag on their organization, killing morale and creating an environment where great employees leave and poor ones stay on.
  • Tools, technology, and equipment. In order to be efficient, succeed at our mission, and retain creative employees, nonprofits have to invest in good tools, technology, and equipment. A new generation of cloud-based, mobile, and collaborative productivity tools is available to help us communicate better, work smarter, reach our constituents and clients quickly and efficiently.

With deep experience in all phases of nonprofit management, I am ready to partner with you to help you address your organization’s challenges.