The mission of Eaton Nonprofit Solutions is to help nonprofits of all sizes become sustainable and achieve greater mission impact.

Why I Only Work For Nonprofits

I have a passion for the nonprofit sector and want to contribute to solving the problems we face. Nonprofits provide an incredible number of services that people depend upon for their health and wellbeing. However, the sector is underfunded, often under-appreciated, and suffers from a lack of capacity investment. 

My particular interests are economic justice, inclusion, youth development, and combating carbon pollution and resulting global climate change.

Qualifications. I possess expertise and experience in two distinct areas which, I believe, put me in a unique position to help nonprofits.

Nonprofit leadership experience. I was the Executive Director of a very successful nonprofit for 17 years. During that time, I experienced all of the challenges that the sector faces: raising money, getting the work done with very limited staff, creating and sustaining relationships with our donors, working with boards, and finding the money to invest in tools, training, and equipment. With this experience, I have an excellent understanding of the realities facing nonprofits and their boards today. I have also served on several boards and helped to found two nonprofits.

Fundraising Strategies and Tools. I served my last organization as Executive Director and fundraiser-in-chief. During that time,  giving of all types increased from about $20,000 annually to $500,000. This came about because we worked hard at it for many years, we invested in tools, and we focused on stewarding our individual donors.

Technology strategy development, software evaluation, and development. I spent 20 years as a software developer and manager in the high-tech sector. With a Masters Degree in Computer Science, I have kept my skills up-to-date as the power and ease of deployment of custom software solutions have exploded.

Value Proposition

My background in nonprofit leadership, board development, and technology uniquely position me to help organizations achieve excellence. I am committed to providing services to your organization in a way that meets your budget constraints.

Next Steps

Please call or email me to discuss your organization and needs. If appropriate, we will schedule a free, two-hour exploratory discussion. Following that, if we think you could benefit from my services, I’ll produce a work proposal for you.